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蟲害防治 - Others 

跳蚤 的特徵沒有翅膀、身體兩側扁平; 身體表面堅硬而發亮、披有剛毛、口器特化為吸血型式。 跳蚤的獨特身體構造有便於由這個寄主的身上跳到另一個寄主的身上。 而主要的寄主是哺乳動物(包括人類) 和家禽。很多蚤類都是疾病的傳播者。 幼蟲是食腐性昆蟲,牠們吃寄主乾涸的血液,成蟲的排泄物和一些碎屑 。

跳蚤是體外寄生蟲 。大多數蚤子因不斷吸血造成寄主的騷癢不止和失血。 寄生在人體上的蚤亦能傳播大家認知的流行性斑疹傷寒症。

Flea The characteristics of flea are wingless, flat side of the body, the body hard and shiny surface, setaceous, blood-sucking mouthparts.
Flea has the unique physical structure to facilitate the body from the host body to another host. The main host is a mammal (including humans) and poultry. Many ticks are transmitter of disease. The larva are scavengers, they eat dried host blood, excrement, and some adult debris.
Flea is a parasite, the majority of blood-sucking lice caused due to host more than the itching and bleeding. Parasitic lice in humans can also spread the awareness of all disease epidemic typhus.



衣魚的特徵無翅、 身體扁平、有時覆蓋著一層灰色或棕色的鱗片。 牠們的口器構造簡單 ; 有複眼、 亦有一些種類沒有眼睛、 腹部上突出三條尾絲.。 衣魚一生都在脫皮,即使在性成熟後亦然,體型則沒有明顯的變化 。牠們吃人類的皮屑、裝訂書本的黏合劑、麵粉和潮溼的衣物。 生活在溫暖的地方 : 雪櫃底部,地板裂縫、石頭下、樹上和洞中均能看見衣魚的蹤影。


The characteristics of silverfish are wingless, flat body, sometimes covered with a layer of gray or brown scales. Mouthparts of their simple structure, they have compound eyes, some types of no eyes, and three wires on the end of the abdomen. Silverfish would always peeling, even after maturation in the same, but the size is not obvious change. They eat human dander, book binding glue, flour and wet clothing. Living in warm places: at the bottom of the refrigerator, floor cracks, under rocks, trees and caves are able to see them.

白蟻防治 - Termites
蚊子防治 - Mosquito
蟑螂防治 - Cockroach
老鼠防治 - Rodent
臭蟲防治 - Bed Bugs
蟲害防治 - Others
地氈護理 - Carpet Cleaning
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* 物業管理
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* Residental
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   Secondary School and College)
* Child Care Center/Eldery Home/ Clinic

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