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老鼠防治 - Rodent 


老鼠的危害是眾所周知,牠不但偷吃食物、咬爛傢俱、衣物、毀壞建築物、咬斷電線等,造成經濟損失。老鼠是很多疾病的儲存宿主或媒介,牠可以直接把病菌傳播給人類,或通過體外寄生蟲間接傳給人類。而傳播的病菌主要有鼠疫,流行性出血病,鉤端螺旋體、鼠型斑疹傷寒、沙門氏菌病等。 牠們的壽命雖然短,但繁殖力強,平均壽命為 6 – 7個月。老鼠可全年不停地繁殖,故必須定期施藥,控制期所帶來之禍害。

要滅治老鼠,首先觀察具體環境是否有老鼠跡象 :

  1. 檢查有否老鼠洞、老鼠糞等...如有不合格的地方立時向客戶提出修改建議。

  2. 根據老鼠的生活習性,經常出沒地方和活動場地等來制定不同的應對措施;施放政府註冊的滅鼠藥劑 或配合老鼠籠和粘鼠板的使用,效果十分明顯。

Rat, which is murine, the most general pest, its not only destroy the food, but also the furniture, clothes, building or wire. They are the main vector and transmitted to human directly; include plague, epidemic hemorrhage, leptospirosis, murine typhus, salmonellosis, etc. Even through their short life cycle, average life expectancy of 6 - 7 months, but their propagation is strong.

To rule out the mouse, the first concrete signs of the environment whether there is a rat:
1. Check whether there is any mouse hole, mice nests, and feces, such as rats. We would suggest amendments to the customers if the environment is not up to standard.
2. Planning a difference measures that according to their living habits, and places.
The distinctive results that is place the government registered rat poison and used anti-rat pharmacy or mixed with rat cage / rat sticker.

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